Begin Each Day With A Grateful Heart

Over the last month, I’ve been contemplating the action of “Being Grateful”. GratefulHeart2Yes, it is an action. We can’t be passive about having a grateful heart. As humans, most of us naturally have a pessimistic nature about us. In order to be see all the positive things life has to offer, we must get past our natural tendency to be complainers and actively seek to find the blessings in our life for which we should be grateful.

It is a proven fact that when we express our gratefulness, whether in prayer or just out loud to the universe, more positive elements to our life will come to us. The more we express our gratefulness, the more things come into our life that will enrich us and our family. The same holds true for complaints. The more we complain, the more negative things come into our life to complain about.

November is the month of “gratefulness”. I challenge each of you to “Begin Each Day With A Grateful Heart” and express out loud the blessings you and your family have received. Thus, the universe can send more blessings your way.

A Little Bit About Us has been in business since 2007, when “decorative vinyl lettering” was still very new. We were fortunate to have one of the first flash-based custom design pages, where customers could create their own customized quote. They could choose their own font, color, and size to fit whatever style or plan they had in mind. We’ve upgraded our design center several times and you can still enjoy creating custom quotes or sayings.VLDlogo400

We would like to thank all our wonderful customers who have shared with us picture and written testimonials of the projects we’ve completed for them. It gives us satisfaction to see how we could take their ideas and turn them into a finished project they love!

Over the last few years, we’ve taken a backseat to pursue some other endeavors, yet we still have many loyal customers who order from us regularly. This year, we are refocusing our efforts on this business and soon you will see some great updates and changes. We’ve already added some great new vinyl colors (including Eggshell, Perfect Plum, Wild Orchid, Mocha Latte and Bronze Shimmer) and many new fonts (Marcella, Selphia, Evelyn, Sweetgrass, Lettersmith, and Samantha). Look forward to seeing new designs and ideas to decorate your home or office. If you have an idea on a project you would like, please contact us.

The Difference Between Matte and Glossy Vinyl

I get quite a few clients asking what the difference is between matte and glossy vinyl. Usually the call or email comes after they’ve received their order and it didn’t stick on their intended surface, or it looks different than they expected.

What type of vinyl should I use?

This all depends on whether the vinyl will be going indoors or outdoors, what the intended surface is, and the length of time you plan to leave the vinyl on the surface. Below I’ve outlined the difference between matte and glossy vinyl. Mainly, the differences are the adhesive and the finish.

Adhesive difference between matte and glossy vinyl

Glossy on left; Matte on right.

Glossy on left; Matte on right.

The adhesive on the matte vinyl is water-based and meant to be temporary or removable at some point. This makes the matte vinyl ideal for indoor wall decals. On smooth indoor walls, the matte vinyl will stick until you simply peel it off.

Because the matte vinyl adhesive is water-based, the outdoor life expectancy is two years, according to the manufacturer. This time frame also depends on temperature and direct sunlight. Heat dries out the adhesive and the vinyl will crack and peel off. Therefore, matte vinyl is not recommended for Car Decals.

The adhesive on the glossy vinyl is solvent-based and meant to be permanent. Using glossy vinyl indoors is risky because the adhesive may pull the paint off the wall when trying to remove the vinyl. I only recommend using the glossy vinyl if your wall texture doesn’t allow the matte vinyl to stick.

The glossy vinyl was specifically manufactured for outdoor use. We offer two different kinds of glossy vinyl; Oracal 651 and Oracal 751. The glossy 651 vinyl has an outdoor life expectancy of 4-6 years. The glossy 751 vinyl has an outdoor life expectancy of 7-10 years.

Finish Difference Between Matte and Glossy Vinyl

A good comparison of the two finish types can be seen in your leather shoes. Specifically black patent leather shoes versus regular black leather or suede shoes. The patent leather is very smooth finish with a coat of clear gloss over the color. Glossy vinyl looks similar and also reflects the light in the same way as your patent leather shoes or your glossy photographs. Take a look at the image. The black vinyl roll on the left is glossy. The black vinyl roll on the right is matte.

Matte vinyl has a smooth finish with no overcoat just like a regular pair of leather shoes or a matte finish photograph. Matte vinyl does not glare under indoor lighting.

For more information on the difference between matte and glossy vinyl, you can check out our other blog posts. For specific information on what type of vinyl is best for your intended surface, please contact us or post your question or comment below so everyone can benefit.

Nursery Wall Decor

When you’re planning to decorate a nursery, you have more to be concerned about than just the color scheme. Safety, accessibility, convenience, appearance and the application of the test of time all come into play in nursery decorating. You want the room to be comfortable for you and your little one while they’re young. But if you make alterations that are difficult to change, you’ll run into trouble when you have to redecorate because she’s gotten older.

Before you confirm your final design plans, consider ways to add those touches you want in the nursery without installing permanent fixtures, such as vinyl wall art. Vinyl wall art consists of pieces and decals you can apply to the wall without damaging the paint underneath.


Theme Selection

Pick a theme that reflects the mood you want to set in the room. Cartoon themes are not off the table if you have a particular favorite and want the room to reflect happy memories of your childhood. But don’t feel as if you must select a very specific theme and make the entire room revolve around it, as that may get exhausting and expensive. More general themes include those based around color, such as green and blue, or themes in general areas, such as marine life or the stars.

Once you’ve chosen your theme, look for vinyl art that fits it. For example, if your theme is nature, you could get vinyl wall decals of trees, animals and other relevant silhouettes. If you have something specific in mind, you may be able to get the decal made at a custom vinyl art retailer.


Make sure the materials you choose to do the nursery are safe for the baby and easy to clean while achieving the look you were aiming for. Read all labels before you buy so you know what you’re getting. If you’re not certain about the safety of a particular material, do some research before you buy.

Vinyl art is safe wall decor and easy to clean. The surface is cleanable with just water and very mild soap if necessary. Follow all cleaning instructions you receive with your wall art to avoid damaging the piece. If you use harsh or inappropriate cleaner, you may expose your infant to chemicals and ruin the wall art.

Use Your Imagination

You don’t have to stick to animals or other plain shapes for your wall art. You can do your child’s name or create a scene, such as a flower losing petals in the wind. If you get wall art with a multi-piece design, mark the placement with pencil before you apply so you know exactly where to place the parts to get the look you’re aiming for.

You can also work vinyl art in between immovable structures in the room. For example, if you have pillars running up and down a wall, you can use the pillars as part of your scene.

Once you’ve chosen all the pieces for your nursery, visualize what the room will look like once it’s complete, with mattresses and crib in place. If you’re not satisfied, return to your original plans to determine what’s missing.

Popular Kitchen Decor

Lately, homes are becoming more and more kitchen-centric, where families gather again to catch up with each other after a long, hectic day. As a response to the unhealthy fast food life of the past decades, organic cooking has become a focus of many modern men and women, who practice it as an art form. Modern kitchens are open-planned and joined to the living room. The kitchen has become a venue for the family for leisure and entertainment. Many people are working from home, requiring the kitchen to be a welcoming, relaxing space for a quick break. It is therefore not surprising that the latest kitchen decor trends are focused on creating a relaxing ambiance.

Testimonial image of a customer

Testimonial image of a customer

High Contrast

The black-and-white kitchen is still very popular and kitchen decor items are chosen carefully to complement this look. Posters, paintings and decorative items have to add to the contrast. These would often also be black/white to fit in with the black-and-white theme or could be deliberately bright splashes of color. Kitchens often have a high contrast wall to create a focal point with either black decal lettering in different font sizes on a white wall or a black or dark grey wall with white lettering.


In modern-day kitchens, proper lighting is of the utmost importance. Rather than having a single fixture, lighting in today`s kitchens is layered for extra visibility in the different work spaces. Lights are also used to make a bold statement and light fixtures chosen for the kitchen are big and interesting. It is not uncommon to see chandeliers in the modern kitchen or big, bulky shapes created to attract attention.


Vintage is currently very popular. The 50`s and 60`s designs are making a comeback in the modern kitchen, with very interesting decor ideas. Vintage objects are often re-purposed to serve as decorative items and old posters or storage boxes are very popular. Steam punk accents are often seen, creating a sense of nostalgia. Vinyl lettering in this type of kitchen will often be a phrase that has sentimental value to the family occupying the home.


Glass splashes have become increasingly popular in the modern kitchen over the past decade. Glass is often worked into the kitchen counter tops and backlit for dramatic effect. Some glass back splashes allow for your own creativity; you could have it back painted in a color of choice or use fabric, wallpaper or artwork behind the glass. Kitchen tables with glass tops are still in high demand and are often considered more functional than wood, which is sensitive to spills and stains.

Natural and Organic

Modern-day kitchens reflect a focus on an organic, healthy lifestyle. Natural sandstone brown tints are a popular color choice, with fresh green accents. Decor items portray healthy living, with herbs being a popular recurring theme. Examples include posters with herbs and their descriptions and framed sketches of different types of herbs. Some kitchens even boast an “herb garden” with potted herbs as a unique decorative element in the kitchen. Furniture in the organic kitchen will have flowing, organic shapes and be minimalistic and usually more functional than decorative.

Whatever your choice of style, vinyl letter decor works well in most modern kitchens. Cursive, flowing fonts work well in an organic kitchen, while big, bold letters do better in modernist kitchens. Decor items are used to complement the kitchen interior and add to the ambiance.